Comprehensive Plan

The Village of Winnetka is in the process of community-wide planning project to create an updated comprehensive plan. “The Winnetka Futures 2040 Plan” will be an official road map informing Village decisions over the next 20 years on issues including land use, economic development, natural resources, transportation, housing, and sustainability.

A comprehensive plan is a long-term vision for the community that serves as an official policy statement to guide future decision making. The Winnetka Futures 2040 Plan will build on the proud tradition of Winnetka’s past while also acknowledging emerging challenges and opportunities, including a radically changed retail environment; mobility innovations; an aging population; evolving housing preferences; changing work and commuting habits; and an increased focus on environmental issues and sustainability.

Visit the Lakota Group’s Winnetka Futures page to learn about the planning process, how to participate, view documents, meet the consulting team, and send ideas or thoughts.

View the previous comprehensive plan.