Distinctly Winnetka Texting Program

Distinctly Winnetka LogoThe Village of Winnetka is excited to announce the launch of a new ‘Shop Local’ mobile initiative called "Distinctly Winnetka" that spotlights local businesses and their promotions or events. The program is powered by a partnership with NorthShore Loyalty, a community-focused digital services company, and will encourage Winnetka residents to support local business, as it is now more important than ever.

The initiative works by sending text messages to Winnetka residents that include a list of local businesses and their news or promotions. There is no cost to participate in the program for businesses or residents.

If you are a business in Winnetka:
To take part in Distinctly Winnetka and promote your business via the texts, complete this form. The first text is planned soon, so please complete this form in the next few days, if possible. The stronger the offer, the better the response will be. It can be a onetime offer that gets redeemed on the person’s phone or a multi-use offer that promotes one of your current promotions.

If you are a local resident in the Winnetka area:
To join the community program and receive important information from the local community businesses, sign up here.

For questions or help in completing the business form, please email Ron Goldblatt or call/text him at 847-477-0429. For more information on NorthShore Loyalty and its services, visit NorthShoreLoyalty.com. Questions about the Village of Winnetka's work with the program should be directed to Liz Dechant.