Redevelopment of 93 Green Bay Road

93 Green Bay Road siteThe Village of Winnetka is seeking submissions from qualified users or developers for the repurposing of Village-owned property located at 93 Green Bay Road. The site is roughly 9,700 square feet, improved with a paved parking area and a single-story building of approximately 1,370 square feet. The building previously housed an auto repair shop and is currently vacant.

The Village Council has identified the following development goals for the site:

  1. Return the property to productive taxable commercial use that welcomes residents, students, and visitors to the business district.
  2. Incorporate a business operation and site design which balances the goals of serving as an amenity to the large daytime school population and the community as a whole, while accommodating the Village’s gateway and streetscape design goals.
  3. Contribute to improved pedestrian accessibility at the intersection of Winnetka Avenue and Green Bay Road.
  4. Include highly attractive architectural and landscape design befitting the prominent location and high level of pedestrian activity of the site, and incorporate gateway signage and a public space element.
  5. Demonstrate recognition of sustainability best practices and include design elements that are environmentally sound and progressive. 

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is open from March 5, 2021 – April 23, 2021. Use this link to access the DemandStar service to view the RFP. To download the documents, create a free account on DemandStar. This will also help you receive notification to any clarification or addenda related to the project. If you already have a DemandStar account, search “Village of Winnetka” to find the RFP.

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