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Posted on: June 9, 2022

Deter Wildlife from Refuse Containers

refuse cans

Due to an uptick in incidents involving wildlife in or around Village refuse containers, our Public Works department has some tips for you to deter animals from your waste receptacle(s):

  • Wash out food waste containers periodically.
  • Spray an ammonia, vinegar, citrus, or peppermint oil solution on the can lid periodically, especially following a rainfall. Please note: bleach only disinfects bins but will not remove odors.
  • Use heavy-duty trash bags or double-bag odorous garbage.
  • Construct an enclosure for your bin or store your bin on non-collection days.
  • Repair holes and/or replace damaged bins. A damaged bin makes it easier for animals to return and access the container.
  • Securely fasten receptacle lids to restrict access (use plastic-end bungee cords, clips, or other fasteners). Use caution when handling bungee cords.
  • Try alternative routes for food scraps, including composting food waste or freezing food scraps until collection day.

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