When is a building permit required?

Work that Usually Requires a Permit

Most work performed by a contractor to alter, upgrade or repair elements of your home or building will require issuance of a building permit and inspection of work to confirm compliance with adopted codes. A permit is required to remove, relocate, construct or alter building walls, or to perform any other structural alterations. In addition, any work involving the mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems requires a permit. Non-structural work including replacement of an existing roof, fence or wall also requires a permit.

Work That Always Requires a Permit

All work to the exterior of a commercial or institutional building, or to a multiple-family residential building, including replacement of windows, siding or other architectural elements requires a permit.

Helpful Resources

We encourage you to contact the Community Development Department at 847-716-3520 before undertaking any work to determine if a permit is required.

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