Specialized Teams

The Winnetka Fire Department is made up of special teams, and Department members also participate on MABAS Division 3 Teams for each area.

  • Fire Investigation - As required by the State of Illinois statutes, the Winnetka Fire Department has a team of Firefighters and Police Officers to determine the origin and cause of all fires occurring within our response area. This team can also request the assistance of the MABAS Division 3 Fire Investigation Team if additional assistance is required to process a scene.
  • Hazardous Materials - This type of incident includes spills, leaks or vehicle accident, involving highway, rail, waterborne, air or pipeline transportation or those involving the use of storage or hazardous materials at a fixed site. Incidents could involve release or threatened release of toxic, flammable, or reactive substance in solid, liquid or gaseous form.
  • Technical Rescue - TRT members are trained and equipped to respond to above and below grade emergency incidents such as trench and building collapse, confined space emergencies, and situations involving a difference in elevation where normal means of access and evacuation are not possible. This type of team is usually seen in an area devastated by storms or a tornado where there is a great amount of structural collapse with possible rescues.
  • Underwater Rescue and Recovery - This team is trained to provide search, rescue and recovery to victims of all water, ice, and swift water related incidents. Specialized monthly training is scheduled to enhance team preparedness and response, through both practical and technical skill assessment/evaluations.