The Engineering department works closely with the Public Works Department. This department is responsible for providing many of the Village’s engineering services, especially those related to Village:

  • Sewers
  • Streets
  • Traffic
  • Water
  • Flood plain management

This is a critical service area in maintaining the Village’s above and underground infrastructure. Some of the Engineering Division’s services include:

  • Administer the flood plain management program
  • Ensure the viability and safety of the sewer systems, as well as the Village’s road network
  • Inspect new construction for compliance with drainage and flood hazard requirements
  • Traffic engineering studies for road improvement projects
  • Interactive mapping services (GIS)
  • Review plans for construction and development projects
  • Planning and engineering services for construction and maintenance projects
  • Care for thousands of parkway trees

The Division’s traffic engineering work includes conducting intersection traffic control studies, monitoring of traffic signal timing, and determining appropriate pavement markings and control signs for Village streets. 

Capital Improvement Projects

Much of the Division’s work is focused on the Village’s ongoing capital improvement projects that are then carried out by other Public Works divisions-including the annual road program and sanitary sewer maintenance.