Interactive Mapping (GIS)

Through its involvement with the GIS Consortium, the Village offers access to interactive maps through its website. Residents may use this tool to find information regarding individual properties, such as zoning classification, property identification numbers, or even aerial photographs. A benchmark map of the Village is also available.

GIS Consortium

The GIS Consortium (GISC) is a group of over 35 member municipalities that work together to develop geographic information systems (GIS) solutions. GIS integrates maps and other geographical data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and presenting all types of geographically referenced information. GIS technology links information in diverse databases to a specific location-allowing front end users to visualize the place along with descriptive and illustrated information.

Winnetka’s interactive maps are drawn from its sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) mapping system. This program, already operated by the Village, was the basis for GIS development. Today, the Village’s inventory based information is contained in the GIS program and CAD continues to be used for design projects.

Questions regarding the Village’s participation in the GIS consortium or the mapping function should be directed to Director of Engineering James Bernahl (847-716-3261).


  1. General
  2. Demographics
  3. Infrastructure
  • Corporate area (square miles): 3.87
  • Fire districts: 11
  • Home rule: Yes
  • Number of parcels: 4,560
  • Police beats: 2
  • Sales tax: 0%
  • Workforce count: 4,267