The Village of Winnetka is committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices when possible, and is guided by the Greenest Region Compact 2 (GRC2) document (PDF), which it adopted by resolution in 2018. The Environmental and Forestry Commission provides the Village with recommendations and goals to encourage further adoption of Compact, and updates a framework document (XLSX) noting progress to goals.


The GRC2 guides more than 70 participating municipalities in the Chicagoland area toward sustainable goals and actions while encouraging communities to work together. It is focused upon educating and engaging the public to increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship, as well as resource and energy conservation. It encourages municipalities to study and recommend local changes in policy and expenditures through data-based processes involving local input, and collaboration with regional governmental bodies and environmental/conversational organizations.

Chargepoint locationsElectric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Village maintains six electric vehicle (EV) charging stations:

  • In the municipal parking lot at Chestnut and Elm, across from 820 Elm Street.  
  • In the Hubbard Woods Parking Garage, Lower level, at 1050 Scott Avenue.
  • In the parking lot at 588 Lincoln Avenue.
  • In the parking lot at 865 Spruce Street. 
  • In the parking lot at 850 Pine Street.
  • In the Village Hall parking lot at 510 Green Bay Road.

Two charging ports are available at each station for plug-in hybrid and EV owners on a first come, first serve basis.

The Village intends to add more publicly-accessible EV charging stations in the near future as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.