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Block Party Street Closure Request Form

  1. To request permission for a temporary street closure, please fill out this form. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days ahead of your proposed event when applying for a block party/street closure. Please note: in case of emergency, access for emergency vehicles must be provided during your event, so anything blocking the roadway must be easily movable.

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  3. Event features*

    Please let us know if your event will have any of the following:

  4. I confirm that all residents of the affected area have been notified of the closure and there are no objections.*
  5. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email from the Village. Barricades will be dropped off at your address the Thursday before your event if it occurs over the weekend (and two business days before the event otherwise) and picked up from your address the business day after the block party. Failure to leave barricades out for pickup where they were initially placed by Public Works will result in a $2/day charge, with a maximum of $50/barricade. Lost barricades are $50/each. Barricades are the responsibility of the person requesting the block party. For questions about barricades, call 847-716-3568.

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