Inspections & Permit Fees

Inspection requirements vary depending on the type of project, and can be scheduled by phoning the Permit/Zoning Technician at 847-716-3527. Inspection requests must be placed at least 24 hours in advance. Persons calling to request inspections are requested to provide the following:

  • Contact name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Job site address
  • Type of inspection
  • Village Permit number

Permit Fees - effective January 1, 2022

The cost of a building permit varies-depending on the type of building and construction. Please contact our Permit Coordinator at 847-716-3520 regarding required fees specific to your project.

The following is a sampling of permit fees for related work:

Permit TypeFeePermit Detail
Deck$30/$1,000 of construction cost$100 minimum
Electric Service$12,700 (200 amp service) / $25,000 (400 amp service)N/A
Furnace and AC$70 base feeAdditional $90 per unit
Impermeable Surface$75Driveway, sidewalks, patios
New Construction$1.60/square foot of new gross floor areaN/A
Shed$30/$1,000 of construction cost$100 minimum
Plumbing$70/5 plumbing fixtures base feeOver 5, additional $10/fixture
Remodeling$30/$1,000 of construction cost$100 minimum