Employee Parking Permits

Permit Parking Only SignTo ensure that customers are able to park while conducting business in Winnetka, owners and employees of brick and mortar businesses in the Elm Street, Hubbard Woods, and Indian Hill Business districts are asked to park in designated Zone A parking spaces during working hours and when visiting the zone designated on your permit.

A Zone A business/employee parking pass is required in order to utilize these parking zones, and passes are color-coded by district. Permits for employee parking lots (PDF) cost $10 for twelve months, and will be valid July 1-June 30 annually. 

Parking passes are only available to verified employees of shops, restaurants, and offices located in the business districts. Students, home-based businesses, and domestic employees, such as nannies or home healthcare workers, are not eligible.

Zone A parking permit holders who also have a Village vehicle sticker displayed are allowed to park in time-restricted spaces within their business district while they are visiting, as well as within the other business districts. All other Zone A parking permit holders are allowed to park in time-restricted spaces in business districts other than the district where their Zone A parking permit is located. If they are in the zone designated on their permit, they must utilize a Village Zone A lot.

Application / Renewal

The Village is providing two options for purchasing employee Zone A Passes:

Option 1 – Organizational Renewal (Preferred) 
Using this option, businesses can purchase passes on behalf of their employees. Businesses will be required to:

  1. Provide an employee roster on company letterhead or mail it to L. Price at 510 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, IL 60093.
  2. Provide this completed form for each employee who will receive a pass.
  3. Pay a combined fee for all passes purchased ($10 per pass), payable via check to “Village of Winnetka,” cash or credit card.


  1. Download this template to provide information for employees who need parking passes.
  2. Upload it on this page.
  3. The Village will bill you directly for all parking passes and will contact you about delivery.

Option 2 – Individual Purchase 
Using this option, employees will purchase their passes directly from the Village. Employees will be required to:

  1.  Visit the Village in person with this completed form.
  2. Pay $10 fee via check payable to "Village of Winnetka," cash, or credit card.
  3. Provide current written proof of employment:
    • A paycheck stub issued in the last 60 days from a business with a Winnetka address
    • A Winnetka business company check used to pay for employee parking permit; or
    • A letter on official company letterhead from the Winnetka business that employs the applicant.    

Employers wishing to provide an employee roster and make payment as they have in past years using the Village drop box located in the post office parking lot may continue to do so. Call 847-501-6000 to make arrangements, if necessary. Once applications are complete, the Village will mail the parking permits to either the business or individual address, depending on how the permits were requested. Allow 1-2 weeks for permit(s) to arrive.

We ask for your assistance in ensuring that you and your employees obtain the required parking passes before July 1 and that you adhere to parking in the designated Zone A spaces for business owners/employees. Doing so will help ensure there are spaces available for shoppers and visitors in our Winnetka business districts.

If you have questions, email the Village or call 847-501-6000.

The purchase of a permit does not guarantee that a spot will be available in the most convenient location. Employers have the option of sending the Village a list of all employees on their company letterhead and a completed employee parking permit application for each employee. The Village will then process these permits together.


Business Employee Parking Permits expire this year on June 30 and new applications should be completed prior to July 1. Individuals serving as residential caretakers or nannies are not eligible to purchase this form of parking pass.

Parking Maps

View maps of designated parking areas in the Village: