Maps & Property Information

Community Portal

Enter your address into the Winnetka Community Portal search to find the following:

  • Property Summary (includes a zoning information, Village service details, school district information, and map gallery)
  • Government Representatives (includes your polling location as well as federal and state elected official information)
  • Zoning Information (includes your zoning description as well as a link to the zoning code)

Interactive Map

In addition to the map functions available through the Community portal, you may also view the Village’s Interactive Map.  Once there you can information regarding your property.

1.    Enter your address under "Find" to pull up your property. 

2.    On the left-hand side, select “Parcel summary” to find information regarding property information, such as the County Assessor, service areas, legislative district, and zoning information.

3.    In the upper right-hand corner, select "Layers" to view zoning, floodplain maps and more. 

Other Maps

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