Leaf Collection


Each year, the Village performs its annual leaf collection program from mid-October to early December. Village collection crews will begin in the northwest corner of town along Scott Avenue, and work their way south, between Green Bay Road and the west Village limits. When the west side of town is completed, collection will begin in the southeast portion of town and work north, between Green Bay Road and Lake Michigan.

When one such round is complete, crews begin again in the northwest section of town and continue in a like manner. The time needed to complete a round varies, depending on the volume of leaves and whether they are wet or dry; however, the Village aims to complete 6 to 8 rounds during the length of the program.


Leaves must be placed on the parkway no later than 7 AM daily and by the last day of collection. Leaves placed out after this time must be placed in Winnetka yard waste bags or in plain paper yard waste bags with a Village yard waste sticker affixed.

Refuse stickers are available for purchase at Grand Foods and Lakeside Foods for $2.50 each. These bags should weigh no more than 50 pounds each when filled and will be collected as part of the regular curbside yard waste program.

Please do not rake leaves into the streets for collection. This creates a hazard, as leaves become very slippery when wet. In addition, leaves piled in the street may clog storm sewers, leading to flooded streets and yards.


Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe and efficient service:

  • Rake leaves into a pile(s) in the parkway adjacent to the back of the curb and not in the street to reduce hazards and enable crews to move quickly and collect leaves more efficiently.
  • Remove stones, litter, branches or other landscape debris. Piles containing these items will not be collected as they can damage equipment and injure workers.
  • Avoid placing leaves in front of storm drains or utility covers.
  • Avoid piling leaves around cars, boulders, fire hydrants, trees or posts.
  • Avoid parking on top or adjacent to the leaf piles.
  • Do not rake to alleys or service roads.

Leaf piles that are mixed with grass trimmings, branches, brush or other yard waste will not be collected under the leaf collection program. They must be bagged and collected as part of the regular curbside yard waste program. For more information, call the Public Works Department at 847-716-3568.