Snow & Ice Control

The Public Works Department provides the critical services of snow and ice control throughout the winter months in Winnetka. They are committed to keeping the streets clear and traffic moving and strive to provide the most efficient and thorough snow removal possible so that drivers are safe traveling the streets.

Village Snow Plowing

Plowing activities typically begin in Winnetka with snow accumulations of about 2 inches on the streets and sidewalks.

As there are a limited number of plows and drivers, Public Works assigns routes to give priority to the main routes, such as Hibbard Road, Green Bay Road, and Sheridan Road. These routes receive much of the traffic in the Village and must be kept clear for traffic safety and emergency access. Minor streets receive next priority. Cul-de-sacs and alleys are addressed last.

Public sidewalks are usually plowed after snowfalls of 3 to 4 inches or more, in tandem with the streets, unless the demands of clearing the streets take precedence. With approximately 4,000 driveways in the Village, crews do not clear residential driveways and do not return to clear the end of the driveway after plows have passed.

Salt Storage DomeSalt Usage

The Village uses salt in combination with plowing on main roadways. However, in order to reduce costs and be friendlier to the environment, the Village limits salt usage in residential areas to intersections and to those locations where traffic is the heaviest or there are inclines.

Salt is generally less effective at very low temperatures and so a combination of salt, sand, and liquid calcium chloride may be spread during these periods to maintain traction. The Village will also apply liquid salt brine before certain snow and ice events as an anti-icing measure. Pre-applying liquid salt brine reduces snow and ice buildup on roads, and reduces the amount of solid rock salt that must be spread for any given event.

Public Parking Lot Snow Parking Restrictions

Parking in public parking lots is restricted from December 15 – March 15 of each year between the hours of 12 AM – 6 AM after a two or more-inch snow fall.  

No parking after 2" snowfall: odd numbered days beginning at 12 AM until 6 AM

Parking Lot 


Scott Avenue Parking Deck

Upper Level Only

Green Bay Road/Tower Lot

Green Bay &  Tower Road (Next to Gas Station)

Pine/Birch Lot 

Pine & Birch (SE Corner)

Post Office North Lot

North Parking Lot

Lincoln Avenue Lot

South of Community House

Indian Hill Lot 

South of 93 Green Bay Road

Sunset Rd Lot  

Sunset & Green Bay Road

Merrill Off Street Parking

Merrill Street  


No parking after 2" snowfall: even numbered days beginning at 12 AM until 6 AM

Parking Lot 


Hubbard Woods Station

Railroad Drive 

Tower Road/Locust Lot  

Green Bay & Tower 

Spruce/Birch Lot

Spruce & Birch (SE Corner)

Post Office South Lot  

South Parking Lot

Hadley Institute Lot

West of Hadley Institute

Winnetka Train Station Lot

Elm Street

Indian Hill Train Station Lot    

Indian Hill Station

Information for Snow Removal Contractors

It has been a common practice for many snow removal companies to push snow from one property, across public streets, and onto the parkway on the opposing side of the street. This process often leaves ridges of snow on previously cleared streets that create traffic hazards. Additionally, the deposited snow is often a nuisance to the "receiving" properties because of potential property damage and reduced sight lines from their driveways.

As such, the Village is requesting that property owners communicate with their private snow plow operators and direct them to deposit snow on the Village’s parkway that is located immediately adjacent to and on the same side of street as the property from which the snow is being removed. Please see the following diagram for a visual guide:

Snow Removal Diagram for Contractors