Yard Waste Collection

Illinois law prohibits disposing of yard waste (lawn clippings, brush, branches, pumpkins, etc.) with regular household refuse. The Village provides curbside collection of yard waste, however, additional collection procedures and charges apply.

Yard Waste Bags & Stickers

Residents are required to purchase yard waste bags from local home improvement stores and affix a Village yard waste sticker on the bag. Stickers can be purchased at Village Hall, Grand Foods, and Lakeside Foods for $2.50 each. Bags will be picked up curbside on your designated yard waste pick-up day. Other yard waste, like brush and branches, must be bundled with rope (not wire) and each bundle must have a sticker affixed.


Yard waste must be set out curbside by 7 AM on your regular refuse collection day. From April through the end of November, yard waste is collected twice per week: on both Monday and Thursday from residents who have either Monday or Thursday refuse collection and on both Tuesday and Friday from residents who have either Tuesday or Friday refuse collection.

For large branches and brush collection, or for pick-ups outside the scope of our guidelines, please contact the Village Forester at 847-716-3289 for a list of tree service and landscaping companies who are authorized to perform work within the Village or drop off at the following locations: 

Des Plaines Material and Supply
1269 E Golf Rd
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Mr. K Garden and Material Center
1440 Higgins Rd
Park Ridge, IL 60068