Current Construction Projects

The Village of Winnetka continues to change and improve, often with the help of public infrastructure projects. We strive to provide up-to-date information about the projects with the most impact on those living, working, and visiting the community. Please keep in mind that construction zones can be dangerous. The Village encourages everyone to heed construction signs and warnings and to ensure that children do not play on or near construction sites.

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Street Rehabilitation Program

The 2020 Street Rehabilitation project has begun. This year, the Village will be undertaking several large construction projects during the 2020 construction season, which will be completed under one contract.  Village Council awarded this year’s contract to A Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc.  The program includes Street Rehabilitation, Pavement Patching, and Pavement Striping, throughout various locations in the Village. 

New Update as of 9/10/20

This week, the Contractor, A Lamp Concrete Contractors, completed the restoration of disturbed asphalt driveways on Westmoor Road and Mount Pleasant Street. The remaining landscaping work is scheduled to be completed the week of September 14, 2020. Once the landscaping work has been completed this substantially completes this project.

If you have any questions regarding these matters please feel free to contact the Project Engineer, Mehdi Vakil at 847-716-3530.

Mount Pleasant Construction Photo 8-27-20(2)

Boal Parkway Stormwater Pump Station Project

New Update as of 10/15/20

On Friday, the Contractor performed the startup of the new pump station.   Anticipating that all equipment is correctly operating the pump station will approved and accepted by the Village.   The approval of the startup of the pump station will substantially complete this construction project.  

Boal Parkway Stormwater Pump Station Project (9-4-20)